Project Being Considered

A natural step in the evolution of locally generated electricity


Cushaling Wind Farm is a renewable energy project located in an area with a long history of electricity generation.  As a part of decarbonising our energy system and delivering effective climate action, this proposal forms a natural step in the evolution of locally generated electricity. With this, comes the opportunity to ensure that energy generation can continue to deliver benefits to the local area.

The proposed wind farm would consist of 9 turbines and would have the potential to power over 32,500 houses whilst bringing with it a fund which would be set aside or the benefit of the local community.


We would like you to tell us how you think this proposal could work best and how it could deliver real benefits for the local area.

This proposal has the potential to assist in delivering initiatives that would ensure that locally generated electricity will continue to support local communities providing increased economic, environmental and social sustainability.


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Map of proposed wind farm at Cushaling
Map of proposed wind farm at Cushaling
Map of proposed wind farm at Cushaling

What is being considered?

The proposed Cushaling Wind Farm consists of 9 turbines with a potential output in the region of 45MW to 50MW of electricity and would have the capacity to power over 32,500 homes with clean green renewable energy. Associated with this project will be a significant community benefit fund which assuming RESS (Renewable Energy Support Scheme) support would form a multimillion euro investment opportunity specifically for the local area. Under this scheme, an investment opportunity would also be available for people who would like to invest in and get a return from the wind farm.

The area being considered centers around the townland of Cushaling and is in the hinterland of the Cushaling Power Station. This area includes the townlands of, Kilcumber, Cloncant & Cushaling in County Offaly and one in the townland of & Ticknevin in Co. Kildare.


Cushaling Wind Farm at a Glance:

  • 9 turbines
  • 1km set back from houses
  • No Shadow Flicker at any homes in the area
  • Approximately 45MW to 50MW of renewable energy to the Irish electricity grid system
  • The maximum height would be up to 185m
  • All cables would be underground
  • The wind farm substation would be in the area of the Cushaling Power Plant
  • An associated battery storage facility will be located within the substation compound
  • Associated works will include access tracks, turbine foundations and hardstanding areas, drainage works, temporary site compound, underground electrical and communications cables between turbines and an underground cable to connect the proposed project to the local substation


If granted planning permission and developed, some of the benefits would include:

  • Capacity to provide clean renewable energy for over 32,500 homes
  • If successful in securing the new Renewable Energy Support Scheme (RESS), this wind farm would attract a community benefit fund in the region of €275,000/year for the local area for the duration of the scheme.


Local Electricity Generation

Locally generated electricity has brought many benefits to many areas in rural Ireland for many years. Many jobs were brought to these areas through the harvesting of peat and there has been a significant economic gain from the production of electricity. Electricity generation in Ireland is transitioning and the energy that we are using is switching from fossil fuels including peat and coal to renewable forms of energy. This transition is our best way of taking effective action on climate change.


The potential to extract local economic and societal gain remains with the development of renewable energy projects such as wind farms. Areas that develop renewable energy projects will have the potential to benefit from substantial community benefit funds which will often equate to multi-million-euro investments in local rural areas. At Statkraft, we believe that local communities should play a major role in determining how these funds should be used to maximise the benefit in the local area.


Locally generated electricity can continue to support locally based employment and locally based community groups!


The communities in the area around the proposed Cushaling Wind farm have an opportunity to consider such a renewable project and how, if granted planning permission, this proposal could make a real difference to the local area.


Further to initial consideration and following conversations with people in the local area, there would appear to be a desire for the support of local community groups and the development of a new indigenous local industry which would support local employment.


We would like you to tell us how you feel the local area could benefit from this proposal

The proposed Cushaling Wind Farm has the potential to assist in delivering initiatives to that ensure that locally generated electricity will continue to support local communities. This proposal has the potential to provide the youth in the area with a better future and to extract local gain that can provide benefit for all.

Developing alternative industries and initiatives may not be straight forward, but with assistance and funding from renewable energy facilities, we believe that it is possible.