Project Evolution

How has this proposal evolved?

At the initial stages of consideration of this proposal, designers drafted a layout that would maximise the wind energy potential of the site. Staying in line with the guidelines, the following initial assumptions were made: The initial distances to houses were taken at 500m (subsequently increased to 1km), shadow flicker curtailment was taken at the maximum allowable levels, the turbine height was taken at 175m. The resulting layout from this exercise consisted of 14 turbines with a potential electricity output of 60mw.


Having established a theoretical design that would maximise energy output, feedback that is commonly received in terms of local considerations was considered along with environmental considerations etc. Taking factors including increased setback, shadow flicker and environmental factors into account, the design team reviewed the layout in order to achieve a design proposal that placed the appropriateness in terms of the suitability from a local perspective as a fundamental in the design criteria. Following this review, the design changes set out in the table below were made:


  Initial Consideration Current Design Proposal
Distance to houses 500m 1000m (1km)
Shadow Flicker In line with guidelines Eliminated – No Shadow Flicker
Number of turbines 14 9
Turbine Height 175m 185m
Potential Output (approx.) 60mw 45mw


In addition to the above, we had some initial conversations with people living in the local area regarding how this project could work best and deliver the most benefit possible to the area. As part of this ongoing engagement, we would like people not only to consider the design of the proposal being brought forward but also how funding from the development could play an important role in assisting the development of the area in the coming years.

The more feedback that you provide to us, the more potential this proposal has to be of benefit to you!